RecBoot 1 3
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No problems with your iPhone? the state of the recovery or reset: Do not worry, most of the time there is a solution. So far you can get, just by pressing a combination of buttons, but for all RecBoot gets easy and all it takes is one click.

Many iOS iOS modehali very important to recover the solution to this problem so that the service can help you reset the device firmware updating a mistake that ”kill” the iPhone normally, you get because you want to press a combination of buttons on the device for recovery iPhone-enabled. Sometimes this is not possible, especially in the HOME button on the iPhone from damaged. Recboot to restore conditions to trigger yoyote.RecBoot recovery without hitting into three easy steps you can: Connect iPhone to your computer via a USB cable, run the program and press Enter Recovery mode. When you no longer need to use this form, click Exit Recovery Mode and your iPhone back to normal.

Use only in cases of recovery maalumhali advanced users who want to perform certain actions on his iPhone was designed. If you are not sure why that is, I recommend you do not use, it is exciting to enter the core of the operating system if the iPhone yako.Pia in mind, for the moment, that only works RecBoot take the computer systems of 32-bits. If your 64-bit program does not work. Hopefully this will be fixed in future updates and required programu.Mbali demand RecBoot iTunes, or more, and the .NET Framework version.

yakoRecBoot life-saving iPhone iPhone can recover, failing to stop working as a result of the firmware upgrade, and, besides, it can save the data from the phone to think that will be lost. It is very important that you are familiar with the arrangements for the recovery as iOS.

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