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Attack on Titan Tribute to the game is a free game from the fans of the anime of the same name created. Currently, only the demo, the game has a cute chibi style reminiscent of the show, and true to the high-flying battles cable-based fans houden.Het Draft Fan and unlicensed by Kodansha Comics.

However vroegDe Demo Attack on Titan Tribute Game gives a good idea of ​​what the developer is courting, but it is clearly very early in development. Currently, only the big head are chibi characters every detail, environment and Titans looking very primitive in form and style. During cute style is good if the mark is used, not as effective of Titans similarly massive beige Jelly Babies.Je can as one of your favorite characters Play (Eren, Levi, Mikasa and companies) of the show. Once selected, you will be sent to fight on a mission titans towering to roeien.Dat than done easier said of course. These giants dwarf even the buildings around them, and they are observed only at the neck. This means that the famous team of the dimensions of maneuvers knees to get behind this weakness as the only hope they cut accommodate up to have.

Missing with the brand, but that found the biggest problem of titanium is attacking the honor of the game, in the control. As in the show, your character has two grappling hooks. Burning plant in the world (including the Titans) to make your hero spin through the air. It is possible to control individually or both at the same time to increase the correct speed of each cable. These dynamics can be a real buzz, but it’s incredibly difficult to control if you are simultaneously trying to maintain movement, camera, jump, dodge, grappling hook and assault are inputs a keyboard and muis.Zoals attack on titanium with Yours Sincerely game supports joystick, it’s hard to say whether it would be easier road, but are used with so many things at the same time, while onwaarschijnlijk.Voeg seems temperamental camera and Titans, which occur frequently, as you do them (in-the -Fly resulting right to their big mouth) are affected, and you will soon find that you fall this demo and wait for the construction, which is a little more fully developed.

The attack on Titan Tribute game demo you can try a number of different areas and characters. Be warned; it still looks very simple and gives you control over how excited you two to be completed in three bags of Haribo. That is, it is a nice proof of concept.

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